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2018 EME operation with Brano and Zdenek
Braňo OM3YFT, Attila OM1AM, Zdeněk OK1DFC

7 bands EME 2018

Nick SV3SJ

The super team of Zdeněk OK1DFC and Braňo OM3YFT was invited to join us for a full 7 bands (432, 1296, 2320, 3400, 5760, 10368 and 24048 MHz) unique EME operation from 4U1ITU on 23 September to 1 October 2018.

A great setup was installed on the Varembe roof by the team. Despite the very unfavourable weather conditions and the noisy RF environment, they achieved many contacts. For most of the contacts 4U1ITU was a new DXCC.

A detailed presentation of the EME activity

Marek OK2DL was listening to our 1296 MHz transmission

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