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4U1ITU turns 60

Nick SV3SJ
First CW contact from 4U1ITU by the ITU Secretary General Mr. Gerald C. Gross, W3GG at 11:30am on Sunday 10 June 1962 (operating the Morse key). Next to him the CQ Magazine 2ns propagation editor, George Jacobs W3ASK 


The first QSO of the 4U1ITU opening day was made with DL4VK, and more QSOs with radio amateurs around the world continued during the first 24-hour period – more than 1300 contacts were made in total.


4U1ITU Guestbook: ITU Secretary General Gerald C. Gross HB9IA, W3GG ex. 2BVN


4U1ITU Guestbook: John H. Gayer, HB9AEQ, DJ0HW President IARC


On the 60th anniversary of 4U1ITU, an op-ed on the long history of the station was hosted by the ITU hub.