Contents of the Radio Regulations

The latest version of the Radio Regulations is the 2016 edition, contained in the Volume 1 - 4 red books. A review of the Radio Regulations has taken place by the World  Radiocommunication Conference 2015 (WRC-15).

Table of Contents of the Radio Regulations

Volume 1 The Articles
Volume 2 The Appendices
Volume 3 The Resolutions and Recommendations
Volume 4 ITU-R Recommendations incorporated by reference

The body of the text is divided in to Chapters, Articles and Provisions; then come the Appendices, lastly the Resolutions - RES and Recommendations - REC. The official way of referring to a provision is  "The provisions of No. 9.21 " and to an appendix "Appendix 4 of the Radio Regulations", and it is this formulation which should be used in official documents. However, one often sees "No. 9.21" and "AP 4" for short.

Updated: 17.01.2017

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