BR procedures and Terms



The Radiocommunication Bureau of the ITU (BR) examines the proposed assignments from the point of view of conformity with the Radio Regulations (regulatory examination) and to determine whether it can operate without causing or suffering harmful interference technical examination. The conclusions of the BR's study will take the form of a finding, which may be favourable or unfavourable.


The administration and the affected administrations communicate with each other in order to iron out any incompatibilities and difficulties (e.g. by changing some of the characteristics, agreeing to certain hours of operation or levels of interference, etc). When the matter is settled, the notifying administration is deemed to have obtained coordination agreement.


The administration wishing to bring an frequency assignment into service (notifying administration) submits all relevant information, including at least the basic characteristics of the assignment, to the BR.


Once all the relevant procedures and agreements have been successfully completed and obtained, the BR records the assignments in a database called the Master International Frequency Register (MIFR) or Master Register for short. The entry in the register, set out in different columns, includes all the technical and other details pertaining to the assignment (frequency, power, date of commencement of operation, etc.).

Published: 01 September, 2005

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