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Frequency Allocations

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ONLY the Amateur and Amateur Satellite Service 

Section III.  Description of the Table of Frequency Allocations


(1) The heading of the Table in Section IV of this Article includes three columns, each of which corresponds to one of the Regions (see No. 5.2). Where an allocation occupies the whole of the width of the Table or only one or two of the three columns, this is a worldwide allocation or a Regional allocation, respectively.


(2) The frequency band referred to in each allocation is indicated in the left-hand top corner of the part of the Table concerned.


(3) Within each of the categories specified in Nos. 5.25 and 5.26, services are listed in alphabetical order according to the French language. The order of listing does not indicate relative priority within each category.


(4) In the case where there is a parenthetical addition to an allocation in the Table, that service allocation is restricted to the type of operation so indicated.


(5) The footnote references which appear in the Table below the allocated service or services apply to the whole of the allocation concerned.


(6) The footnote references which appear to the right of the name of a service are applicable only to that particular service.


(7) In certain cases, the names of countries appearing in the footnotes have been simplified in order to shorten the text.