Space Services  1

A.22.1   1 In applying the provisions of this Article, the level of accepted interference (see No.1.168) shall be fixed by agreement between the administrations concerned, using the relevant ITU­R Recommendations as a guide.

Section I. Cessation of Emissions

22.1   § 1.    Space stations shall be fitted with devices to ensure immediate cessation of their radio emissions by telecommand, whenever such cessation is required under the provisions of these Regulations.


Section II. Control of Interference to Geostationary-Satellite Systems

22.2   § 2.    Non-geostationary space stations shall cease or reduce to a negligible level their emissions, and their associated earth stations shall not transmit to them, whenever there is unacceptable interference to geostationary-satellite space systems in the fixed-satellite service operating in accordance with these Regulations.

Updated: 01 September, 2005

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