International Monitoring


16.1   To assist to the extent practicable in the implementation of these Regulations, in particular to help ensure efficient and economical use of the radio-frequency spectrum and to help in the prompt elimination of harmful interference, administrations agree to continue the development of monitoring facilities and, to the extent practicable, to cooperate in the continued development of the international monitoring system, taking into account the relevant ITU-R Recommendations.1


16.2   The international monitoring system comprises only those monitoring stations which have been so nominated by administrations in the information sent to the Secretary-General in accordance with Recommendation ITU-R SM.1139. These stations may be operated by an administration or, in accordance with an authorization granted by the appropriate administration, by a public or private enterprise, by a common monitoring service established by two or more countries, or by an international organization.


16.3   Each administration or common monitoring service established by two or more countries, or international organizations participating in the international monitoring system, shall designate a centralizing office to which all requests for monitoring information shall be addressed and through which monitoring information will be forwarded to the Bureau or to centralizing offices of other administrations.


16.4   However, these provisions shall not affect private monitoring arrangements made for special purposes by administrations, international organizations, or public or private enterprises.


16.5   Administrations shall, as far as they consider practicable, conduct such monitoring as may be requested of them by other administrations or by the Bureau.


16.6   Administrative and procedural requirements for use and operation of the international monitoring system should be in accordance with the provisions of Recommendation ITU-R SM.1139.


16.7   The Bureau shall record the results supplied by the monitoring stations participating in the international monitoring system, and shall prepare periodically, for publication by the Secretary-General, summaries of the useful monitoring data received by it including a list of the stations contributing the data.


16.8   When an administration, in supplying monitoring observations from one of its monitoring stations taking part in the international monitoring system, states to the Bureau that a clearly identified emission is not in conformity with these Regulations, the Bureau shall draw the attention of the administration concerned to those observations.

Published: 21 janvier, 2014

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